I'd like to introduce you to the real universe - not the one we are told about, nor the one that some imagine it to be, but the one that actually exists.                

Imagine the populated planets out there, with many diverse types of aliens living their dull space opera style lives. Think of them as very much like the varied nations of Earth,  for it is true that we came from the stars. Evolving from apes is rather fanciful considering they still exist here.

The first of these stories takes us to the 22nd century Earth, with a basic concept extrapolated from the oppression we are seeing today around the world.  I wrote this as a warning to everyone that imagines the world elite are not corrupt.

My prediction of the future based on the oppression currently happening around the world, whether it's in the USA, UK or just about anywhere else:
- Government sponsored holding camps have already been prepared for those that oppose vaccine mandates;
- Governments are totally transparent about their intentions to create apartheid passports;                                                       - Depopulation is a goal of the global deep state...... and so much more.

The novel opens in the 22nd century, where a traumatized young man escapes a life of beatings and slavery. Discover with him the reasons why the Earth became a new version of the DARK AGES, with an elite that live like high lords.



Bryan James Harris